Top 10 Best Car Phone Chargers & Mounts in 2021 Reviews

Not everyone can possess a luxury car that features a map. To go somewhere for the first time, we tend to use the map for guiding the way. Most commonly we use a map on our phone. Like this, we need to make sure that the phone is fully charged. To guarantee that your phone won’t shut off all of sudden while using, you need to connect to the charger. However, charging phones in the car is a little bit difficult especially while using the map. We understand your difficulty and we have some recommendations. Check out the top 10 best car phone chargers and mounts.

List of Top 10 Best Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

10. Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

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Nalwort wireless charger in the car with 2 in 1 design. Having Nalwort you will get a wireless charger metal frame and mount in one unit. Thus, you can free your hand from holding the phone and leave your phone charging

No worries about the falling down of your phone in difficult rides because of its firmly grip wireless charger car mount. Moreover, it is a built-in responsive smart chip that quickly identifies your smartphone. Plus, it also selects the charging power up to 15W output. Suitable with modern LG, Samsung, and Apple.

9. LETSCOM Wireless 15W Qi Fast Charging Car Mount Charger

LETSCOM Wireless 15W Qi Fast Charging Car Mount Charger

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LETSCOM is the 15W fast charger in the car mount for smartphones. This wireless charger has a quick sensor that lets the mount hold your phone firmly and automatically detected. Additionally, you can use Samsung from S8 to S10+, iPhone from 8 to 11 pro max.

What is more, within the 2 in 1 technology improvement, LETSCOM will quickly charge your phone. Meanwhile, the mount can truly grip your phone and prevent it from dropping. Besides, the 360-degree angle allows you to rotate for your convenience position.

8. NANAMI Wireless Car Charger Mount with Fast Charging Technology

NANAMI Wireless Car Charger Mount with Fast Charging Technology

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A phone runs out of battery is not your concern anymore. NANAMI can help you with this problem and you still using the phone for maps and call while driving. Thanks to its 2 in 1 design that includes a wireless charger and mount in one unit.

Within the charger, it used fast charging technology and fit with most of the iPhone 7.5W and Samsung 10W and more. More precisely, this product is a built-in intelligent chip that protects overheating that may damage your phone battery.

7. APPLUS Wireless Car Charger, Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder

APPLUS Wireless Car Charger,Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder

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Nothing can satisfy you more than a phone with a full battery. Most importantly, it’s hard to imagine driving a car with a low battery phone. To help you with this, APPLUS uses its QI fast charger car with mount with its smart sensor. Plus, you can charge your phone with the case if it is not thicker than 8mm.

On top of that, the mount is sticky so that it ensures it stays in place. Meanwhile, the smart sensor automatically opens/closes the mount to keep your phone grip. It’s compatible with 10W Samsung and 7.5W iPhone. Thus, you may check if your phone supports this charging capacity.

6. Mpow Car Wireless Charger, Qi Car Charger

Mpow Car Wireless Charger, Qi Car Charger

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Are you using the smartphone series with a charging capacity 10W and 7.5W? Most of the phones that can suit this car wireless charger are Samsung and iPhone. Moreover, within the intelligent auto-clamping feature, your phone size will not be the problem. Because this feature will auto open and close to ensure your phone stays firm in place.

For a more portable way, this charger can be installed on the vehicle dashboard and air vent. Once you have installed, the sticky base of this quick charger will ensure no dropping even on the difficult road.

5. Mankiw Car Charger with Automatic Clamping

Mankiw Car Charger with Automatic Clamping

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Mankiw is equipped with a smart automatic clamping feature that automatically opens and closes. This function, moreover, is pretty helpful to keep your phone in place, plus suitable for small size phones. Moreover, the QI fast charging with a quick charge to those 10W and 7.5W phone capacity.

Over and above that, to install the mount you just pull down the bracket and align it to the dashboard. Besides, it mostly sucks to any surface or dashboard that you can feel secure and safe. Withal, the view can be adjusted to 360-degree so that it uses the angle that is convenient for you.

4. AUKEY Wireless Car Charger 10W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount

AUKEY Wireless Car Charger 10W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount

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AUKEY gives you the most portable option with its 2 in 1 charger and mount. Its charger is QI fast charging compatible with Android and iOS with 7.5 to 10W. Plus, the mount is allowing you to hold your phone or GPS on your vent’s air.

Furthermore, the mount is fitted with most standard air vents, while it can be adjusted to fit the view you like. Easy to use and safe by placing your phone to the charger and both hands will automatically grip and release your phone.

3. CTYBB Car Phone Chargers & Mounts with CTYBB Qi Auto-Clamping Air Vent for Dashboard

Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

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CTYBB gives you the available options that you need by placing its mount on either the air vent or dashboard. Moreover, the mount is adjustable so that you can personalize your view angle for a safe and comfortable view.

Most importantly, the charger is certified by Qi which means it’s quick charging and avoids overheating. Plus, you can also charge your phone with the case, recommended not thicker than 0.16-inch. Besides, within a one-hand operation, you can touch on a sensitive button to hold and release your phone when needed.

2. VANMASS VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

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VANMASS is used as the highest charging capacity of 15W. This means that most of the smartphones with a charging capacity of 7.5W can use this charger. More precisely, you can save 30 minutes of charging duration if compared to other products.

Moreover, the phone holder uses the intelligent sensor to clamp your phone automatically. In this way, you can place and pick your phone by touch the release button. Moreover, for more satisfying viewing, the mount allows you to adjust to 360-degree.

1. AuKing Qi Fast Wireless Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

Car Phone Chargers & Mounts

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AuKing is the top number 1 with the most unique charger, phone holder, and mount. Moreover, the charger tags along with auto temperature reduction that prevents your phone from overheating. On top of that, the charger uses the smart responsive chip and QC 3.0 to make sure your phone rapidly charges.

Additionally, the charger is equipped with a sensitive sensor that helps you to easily pick & place your phone. Moreover, it is also supported with phone cases but make sure it is less than and equal to 0.11-inch. Besides, it is suitable for almost all smartphones with 5W to 10W charging capacity.


Are you looking for phone wireless charging in the car? Check it out one by one about its benefits and features. Therefore, you can use your phone when an emergency is needed without worrying about the battery. Collective from the top 10 best of Car Phone Chargers & Mounts that you can get at affordable prices.

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