Top 10 Best Waterproof Jackets for Men in 2021

Rainy season and climate change really hit people with some difficulties in keeping their clothes dry when hanging out for school, work, and trips. To prevent this, people tend to attach a raincoat or umbrella with them and it is hard to find a place to keep it. How about considering having a waterproof jacket? A waterproof jacket is very usual and simple to keep you dry yet stylish. Thus, if you are looking for something like this, you can check out our top 10 best waterproof jackets for men down below.

List of Top 10 Best Waterproof Jackets for Men

10. OTU Men’s Lightweight Hooded Rain Waterproof Jackets Outdoor Raincoat Shell Jacket for Hiking Travel

OTU Men's Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Outdoor Raincoat Shell Jacket for Hiking Travel

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OUT is the windproof and waterproof jacket that designs handsomely and multiple choices to choose from. It is made of 100% polyester that helps the jacket can tolerate the water and wind so that you will be ensured to stay dry and comfortable during the unforeseen day. On top of that, the shell of the jacket is featured with Watertight IV that makes the jacket soft and comfortable.

What is more, the polyester fabric not only makes the jacket waterproof but also provides good breathability and is very light. More precisely, each important part of the jacket can be adjusted to perfectly fit. In this way, the hood can be removed and an adjustable drawstring for extra warmth. Plus, hem and hook & loop also enable adjustment. It is perfect for outdoor activity and compact size for storing.

9. SWISSWELL Men’s Rain Waterproof Jackets Windbreaker Lightweight Hooded Raincoat

SWISSWELL Men's Rain Jacket Waterproof Windbreaker Lightweight Hooded Raincoat

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SWISSWELL comes with various colors to choose from and affordable prices that you can get with a minimum budget. More precisely, this jacket is featured with the latest technology to ensure that you will stay dry in the rain due to it will wick away moisture on the contact or surface of the jacket. Moreover, the zipper is designed with closure so that it extra helps in preventing the leak of water into the jacket.

On top of that, thanks to polyester fabric that makes your body breathable and makes your skin comfortable. This is because there’s a soft layer of Mesh for the lining inside the jacket which is a smart design for the skin to breath and well air circulation. It has two side pockets with a closure zipper, adjustable drawcord hem, and foldable for compact size.

8. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell Hooded Military Tactical Jacket

FREE SOLDIER Men's Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell Hooded Military Tactical Jacket

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FREE SOLDIER’s jacket is a perfect waterproof jacket for men as its name. This jacket is made of a combination of 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex, and 100% Polyester Thermal 8000mm Fleece Liner. In this way, it helps the jacket to keep you warm and comfortable during the heavy rain or after you soaked. Besides, thanks to the high-quality fabric above, that makes this jacket extremely scratch-free which is ideal for outdoor activity. Plus, Polar Fleece Lining for keeping your body and skin breath and comfortable all day.

For those who love having many pockets, this jacket is ideal for them as it tags along with roomy 7 pockets. Each pocket is attached with a vent zipper that also helps to prevent water. Besides, to ensure your fitness, it also designs the jacket with drawstrings on the waist and hood. Like this, it is also good to keep your body secure from water or heat.

7. Champion – Packable Quarter-Zip Jacket – CO200

Champion - Packable Quarter-Zip Jacket - CO200

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Champion is a water repellent jacket for men made of 100% Polyester Micro Poplin Fabric. Within this kind of fabric, Champion’s jacket is perfectly durable and resistant to the natural elements while keeping your comfort. Unlike the other jackets, this jacket uses Pull-On closure so that you can feel safe and no doubt about leaking water into the jacket.

For the extra fit and good to prevent wetness to the body, this jacket comes with an Elastic banding at cuffs. Plus, it has an adjustable drawcord at the bottom hem and hood as well. Besides, this jacket designed its side pockets to be versatile that helps you to store many things in there while raining. On top of that, the front zip pocket is also available for packing the jacket when not in use. Withal, for more stylish, you will see the Champion “C” logo on the left sleeve.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Lightweight Breathable Hooded Waterproof Jackets

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Lightweight Breathable Waterproof Hooded Jacket

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Tommy Hilfiger designed this waterproof jacket for stylish by featuring the signature Tommy Hilfiger embroidered flag logo on the left chest. Like this, for those who adore fans of Tommy, this jacket should be on the list for clothing. Additionally, since it machines washable, this jacket is adding a level of comfort for you on cleaning time.

On top of that, it’s made from 100% nylon shell so the jacket is nice and water-resistant. Plus, it’s paired with an inner mesh lining with a shorter drying time. The material remains lightweight while still with protection. Besides, convenient front zipper closure paired with two side pockets giving doable storage while the hood features an adjustable drawstring for comfort and every one weather.

5. Carhartt Men’s Dry Harbor Jacket

Carhartt Men's Dry Harbor Jacket

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Made of 100% Nylon, Carhartt waterproof jacket is durable, durable, lightweight, and rugged enough to wear. Moreover, it has a zipper closure, which adds extra prevention of water entering into the jacket. Thus, besides the fabric, the zipper itself is also one of the indicators helping the jacket be more trusted. Plus, due to its reliable fabric, this jacket also allows you to wash it in the machine.

Over and above that, even the jacket design to be waterproof and rugged but breathable technology also features with this jacket. In this way, it helps your body and skin to breathe freely, comfort, and feel good all day. Furthermore, this model is equipped with fully taped waterproof seams for extra fit and preventing leak in from outside elements.

4. Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

Gioberti Men's Waterproof Rain Jacket

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If you are looking for a powerful jacket that can excellently repel the water, thus, here you are on the top number 4 jackets from Gioberti. This jacket is designed with the latest technology that will drive away moisture on contact so that you will ensure to stay dry all day. To boot, it is designed to be fully sealed seams and meshed lining on the inside. So, these two features will keep you dry out of water entering the jacket while keeping you breathable and comfortable.

Furthermore, in the front, this jacket uses a windbreaker hooded and Velcro Seal flap overlapping the front zipper. This design will help the jacket even more trusted from water enter via the zipper. Besides, for the two side pockets, this jacket also features overlapping and a drawstring at the hemline to secure the gear inside. Plus, the hood also used adjustable pull string lock and Velcro sealing cuffs. Comes with many bright and nice colors to choose from as well.

3. EZRUN Men’s Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Windbreaker Lightweight Packable Raincoat

EZRUN Men's Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Windbreaker Lightweight Packable Raincoat

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Another classic waterproof jacket range in the top #3 from EZRUN. This handsome jacket is made of 100% Nylon which is known to be super tough and breathable. On top of that, this fabric helps the jacket to be low weight and ultimately waterproof. Like this, even staying under the heavy rain, this jacket still good to prevent too much wetness on your body while it keeps it lightweight for your comfort.

Additionally, it comes with an Elastic cuffs design. This design is very helpful as it will keep clothes dry and avoid leaking water. Besides, for the two sizes pockets, it is ideal for keeping your phone, wallet, key, and other small gear. Plus, there is one big pocket at the back that functions as the storage to pack the jacket after use. Good to use for camping, other outdoor activities likewise trekking, jogging, and cycling.

2. Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

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in the top number #2, you will get the Columbia waterproof jackets that come with many colors to choose from. This jacket is ultimately waterproof due to its Nylon fabric, lightweight, and comfort. Over and above that, it has a closure zipper that is designed to provide extra protection so that you will surely be safe from getting wet by unforeseen weather.

More precisely, this jacket comes with a removable hood that is perfectly stylish. Besides, having this function, you can remove the hood for a normal jacket for school or bicycling while attaching the hood for hiking or jogging in the early morning with nature. Plus, it has a zippered hand pocket for safety for your gear, adjustable sleeve cuffs, and drawcord-adjustable hemlocks.

1. BALEAF Men’s Cycling Running Jacket Waterproof Reflective Lightweight Windbreaker Windproof Bike Jacket Hooded Packable

BALEAF Men's Cycling Running Jacket Waterproof Reflective Lightweight Windbreaker Windproof Bike Jacket Hooded Packable

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BALEAF is the top number #1 waterproof jacket for men that wins all the products mentioned above. It comes in fluorescent yellow which is really bright and refreshing that is suitable for a walk, hiking, bicycling, and more. Besides, it is made of 100% polyester to ensure that the jacket is totally tolerant and durable for overtime use. Plus, it is perfectly waterproof and windproof to provide full protection.

More precisely, thanks to its perfect design that features glazed interiors TPU membrane with 5000mm waterproofing and 3000g/m2/24hr breathability. Thus, this jacket is tough enough to be waterproof and lightweight. Additionally, it has 6 pockets and one big hood to ensure that it covers your face from the rain. Aside, all the six pockets come with waterproof zippers to ensure all are safe to your gear. To boot, it has a big back pocket that allows you to fold the jacket to a compact size when not in use.


It is true that raining causes some uncomfortable moments and also an obstacle for your daily activity. Having a waterproof jacket to accompany you when hanging out is the best choice. It is designed to protect you from getting wet and stylish as well. Therefore, pick one among our top 10 best waterproof jackets for men, and let’s make your day with it.

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